The Indian Commerce Association (ICA) which came into existence in the year 1947 is a cohesive group of Management Experts, Economists, Business Community persons, Technologists etc., that serves as a forum to support the Indian corporate sector by enriching the academic arena of commerce and management by way of conducting research, training, consulting, organizing annual conferences and publication of journals. In order to assist in the commercial upliftment of our country, the ICA serves as a single platform for exchange of ideas, experiences and collection and dissemination of information on business, trade, commerce and management. Till date, the ICA has successfully organized 70 Annual Conferences throughout the country and brought together experts for brainstorming on various issues of contemporary relevance. The vision of the ICA has been segregated into multifarious objectives which are as follows.

  • To promote research activities in commerce and management
  • To periodically organize seminars for enabling members to brainstorm on various issues on a single platform and develop unanimous consent on the respective issues.
  • To bring parity in curriculum of commerce and management at the national level.
  • To provide a basic analytical tool-kit for management so that scientific approaches may be used to implement commercial and managerial applications in the industry.
  • To enhance the ability of practitioners for taking decisions during times of uncertainity by analyzing the kaleidoscopic aspects of the issues at hand.
  • To serve as a forum for exchange of ideas, experiences, collection and dissemination of information on business, trade, commerce and management.
  • To provide technical assistance and consultancy to organizations with the help of experts available at the ICA
  • To publish books, journals, periodicals etc., for the benefit of academicians and practitioners at the micro level for the larger economy at the macro level
  • To undertake any other activities in furtherance of the vision of the Association.